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Dance Studio 24 represents a professional dance studio that teaches ballet dancers

traditional techniques to experimental music with a new wave spin. In this ideal company,

they deliver a Dance Studio 24 tote bag for those first 50 dancers who registered early. In

the tote bag, I created many pockets to store dance items that are needed for class such

as pointe shoes, flat shoes, pain reliever cream, toe protectives, band aids, water etc.


My second component,  I created a promotional video for Dance Studio 24 to encourage young women to dance and express themselves creatively. The mood of the video is

exciting and mesmerizing. I want the audience to recognize that this space is not an ordinary dance studio. This studio is open to creativity, and experimentations. From the new wave,

I will borrow the analogue, the sequencing, retro colors, motion, transitions, repeetion and overlays to convey the experimental vibe of the unique ballet studio.

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