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This is my senior project titled "Juntos" meaning "together". This project was based on my life

growing up having a bicultural identity. I grew up in a traditional Mexican household but also, living

in an American environment. There was a self identity crises of not fitting in both sides of the spectrum. Also, the traditional Mexican society didn't accept me for who I am for not speaking spanish fluently. I've realized growing up that there are many of my peers had gone through the same journey as I did. However it was not just the language they were discriminated against. It was the color of their hair, their skin, their eyes and their action. American and Mexican society discriminated us for not fitting into these stereotypes and I want to inform others to not only accept who we are but also accept ourselves.

I've created the Mexican American Flag that was design influenced by Maya textiles and Mexican talaveras. The statement describes what it means to be Mexican American and designed intentionally in spanglish for the viewers to understand that there is a language barrier. This statement was said by one of my interviewers. The "juntos" banner was designed only with type that was treated as a pattern and is consisted with information of experiences from my interviewers. The "Accept Our Differences" scarf is all based on type with image voicing to accept who they are and stop discrimination. The model is dressed in a traditional Oaxacan skirt and showcasing how the scarf is sculpted on her shoulders and it consists back and front designs. Below is a video that introduces interviewers showcasing their differences in terms of appearance and characters. also, standing against the stereotypes by smiling what was said to them from the past. They learned and accepted who they are as individuals. 



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